At City Innovates, we provide crystal clarity on NBA accreditation for Engineering & mba Institutes. We tell them how to document “outcome-based” education evaluation and assessment. We mentor the faculty and staff to write the SAR we think would truly deliver on the objective. We have our own well designed formats, flow charts, graphs as samples to help Institutes present their Report. We have specific formats for data collection, collation, evaluation and effective presentation to make a good impact on the Evaluation Team. We hold workshops,seminars and faculty development programmes, for your concerned faculty on the outcome-based education system, an inescapable academic need of the current times and strongly mandated by NBA.

The critical part is to impart training on the fundamentals of Program/Assesment Education Objectives,Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes together with the tools used for evaluation and assessment of outcomes. After arriving at the outcomes, we import Knowledge on how to implement improvements in the curriculum design and delivery. It is a niche learning platform and is best taught by holding one-day or two-days of intensive workshop. We also assist institutes by undertaking mentoring/hand-holding consultancy services for six months and keep-build their capacities and competency.